freeradius 3.0.x HOW TO ULANG read/write all list keys/values

Michal Tomaszewski Michal.Tomaszewski at
Mon Nov 9 23:44:45 CET 2015

>> Could you advice how to write and read all reply list parameters to/from database?
>  Use v3.1.x from git.
>  It has a "map" keyword, where you can map RADIUS attributes directly to SQL columns, and vice-versa.
>> I would like to store reply parameters between sessions of the same user without generating them from scratch.
>  You could use the cache module in v3.0.  It can cache attributes based on a key (e.g. User-Name) for a long time.
>> As I understand writing all parameters to the database is possible using e.g. such command:
>> &AllReplyString := "%{pairs:reply:[*]}"
>> Then I can write AllReplyString to e.g. SQL database.
>> But how can I read it back and fill all reply parameters into free radius?
>  In v3.0, don't do that.  Use 3.1, or the cache module in v3.0
>  SQL database are *terrible* at caching.  You should avoid using them for caching.

Thank you Alan.
In fact I would like to use redis, which is much faster than SQL.
I also would like to use stable version of freeradius for future compatibility as it is going to be a huge production environment so I'd like to use FR 3.0.x.
I can store all string in redis and set the desired expiration on it what solves some other functionality requirement.
Is there any other method of exporting all reply list to string and importing it back from string using freeradius 3.0.x?
Or maybe you suggest other method in FR 3.0.x?

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