Detecting RELATED accounting packets

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Thanks for your helpful point. I'm using Cisco NAS (Cisco ASR and Cisco 7200 

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Hi Nasser
It would have been helpful if you mentioned what NAS you are using.

Vijay A.

On Tuesday, November 17, 2015, Nasser Heidari <nasser at> wrote:

> Hi,
> In my current environment I'm using Radius Proxy. As a new requirement
> I want to allow all users whom rejected by Proxy to connect to
> Network, but put them in walled garden and let them to access only specified 
> resources.
> Also when they get connected I should store their IP, Mac, NAS
> information which exist in accounting packet.
> I want to create virtual server on radius proxy and handle all
> REJECTED users with this. Problem is, there isn't any relation between
> authentication and accounting packets so I don't know which accounting
> packets are related to REJECTED users to forward them to virtual
> server.
> I have two Ideas which may help me to solve this issue:
> 1- Store POSTAUTH message in DB and then when I receive accounting
> packets, in preacct stage lookup user's info using (mac+nas+nas-port)
> in POSTAUTH DB and then decide to forward packet to PROXY or Virtual server.
> 2- When I'm sending access-accept, send another attribute to NAS
> (which is Cisco), and NAS should include this special attribute in all
> accounting packets of REJECTED users so using this I can seprate users
> and send correct accounting info to PROXY or virtual server. (Trying
> to use a kind of marking method, which I'm not sure it's possible).
> I would be thankful if you kindly share your Ideas about this problem
> and other possible methods to solve it.
> Kind Regards,
> Nasser
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