How to force tunnel-xx information in access-accept packet ?

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Hi Matthew

Thanks for your answer, 

I'll then install an up-to-date Linux OS with an up-to-date freeradius version and let you know about the results asap ..

Best regards


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On Thu, Nov 19, 2015 at 08:59:09AM +0000, Michel_Monchatre at wrote:
> I'm using version  freeradius2-2.1.12-5.el5  ( on CentOS 511) with a 
> Dell Networking Switch model N3024, and I want to assign the users in 
> specific Vlans based on EAP authentication.

That version is very old. You should really upgrade to at least the latest 2.2 version (but v2 is end of life now).

> If the user's PC is authenticated with its MAC address ( MAB option on 
> the switch) , there are very few Radius Packet exchange and the final 
> access-accept packet contains correctly the Tunnel-Private-Group-ID, 
> tunnel-Type and Tunnel-Medium-type informations


> But when I want to authenticate the users ( using login and paswsord 
> ), there are a lot of access-challenge packet and the final 
> access-accept packet does not contain anymore the 
> tunnel-Private-group-id, etc  informations.
> Is there a way to force freeradius to include again the missing 
> information in the Access-accept packet ?

Many ways. It depends on where you want to get the information from, for example. Where does the existing data for MAC auth come from? The users file? A database?

> Which file(s) need to be modify and how  ?

Depends on the above. Could be the users file for the simplest option.

You should send debug output (radiusd -X) for a working example and one that doesn't work at least so we have some idea on what you're doing.


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