eapol_test question

Herwin Weststrate herwin at quarantainenet.nl
Tue Nov 24 18:02:44 CET 2015

On 24-11-15 16:17, Alex Sharaz wrote:
> Not a freeradius question as such, but guess people on the list use
> eapol_test.
> From the man page
>  -N attr spec
>               Send  arbitrary  attribute  specific by attr_id:syntax:value,
> or
>               attr_id  alone.   attr_id  should  be  the  numeric  ID  of
> the
>               attribute,  and syntax should be one of 's' (string), 'd'
> (inte‐
>               ger), or 'x' (octet string). The value is the attribute value
> to
>               send.   When  attr_id  is  given  alone,  NULL  is  used  as
> the
>               attribute value.  Multiple attributes can be specified by
> using
>               the option several times.
> so -N 61:d:19 means set NAS-Port-Type to be Wireless-802.11 ( val=19)
> Anyone know if I can specify a VSA attribute this way? is it just a case of
> VSA base val + attribute number ?

Only if you construct the values yourself. For example: using
-N 26:x:000000090109666f6f3d626172 results in Cisco-AVPair="foo=bar".
Specifications on how to construct the VSAs can probably be found
somewhere on the internet, I simply constructed a packet with radclient
and copied the value that tcpdump showed :)

Herwin Weststrate

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