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srithar jeevadurai srijeevadurai1 at
Thu Oct 1 07:26:45 CEST 2015

Dear Friends,

We have customized module (lib) written for freeRadius
version freeradius-server-2.2.0.

The same code can be reused for latest version of free Radius (say 3.0.9).

Provided all basic message structures are remain same (in both versions of
free Radius).

One basic questions,

We were having child hung issue at free Radius due to slow response from
external module.

once free Radius server (version 2.2.0) goes to child hung state then we
have to restart the server (though the external module resumed after 1-2

Is there any throttling done at Free Radius server (latest version 3.0.9)?
so that when external module response is slow, Radius server would not fill
the queue with incoming messages (from NAS). i.e. taking messages into
queue and run into child hung issue.  It uses throttling to have control
over pending request queue when there is a slowness in the external system
and queue size increases (since NAS is flooding the radius server).

Thanks a lot for your response in advance.

Srithar Durairaj
Alternate Mail I.D: srijeevadurai1 at
Mobile: +919886251852

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