"WARNING: !! EAP session for state ... did not finish!", And Other Warnings

Jim Seymour jseymour at LinxNet.com
Sat Oct 3 05:31:48 CEST 2015

On Fri, 2 Oct 2015 21:38:58 -0400
Alan DeKok <aland at deployingradius.com> wrote:

>   And... how did you create the self-signed certs?

By editing /etc/ssl/openssl.cnf and running CA.pl.  That's all I've
*ever* done.  (Well, CA.sh, before.  But similar results.)

>   I have *zero* clue how people find random third-party web sites
> from nearly a decade ago, and cannot find the documentation that
> ships with the server.

Probably because...

>   The method to create certs is documented in raddb/certs/ .  It's
> been there since before that crappy page was written.

*sigh*  Except Debian, Ubuntu or whomever decided it would be a Good
Idea to move it.

The locate command I ran, earlier, to find xpextensions?

    $ ls -1 /usr/share/doc/freeradius/examples/certs

> PLEASE read the documentation that we've written.  Pretty much
> everything else is old, broken, crappy, and lying to you.

Now that I found it: I just did.

I really wish people wouldn't move stuff around.

Thanks for the help, Alan, and everybody else.

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