FreeBSD rlm_sql_postgresql "could not link driver rlm_sql: ..."

Mathieu Simon (Lists) matsimon.lists at
Sun Oct 11 20:51:29 CEST 2015


Yes, I've read the section in the wiki about this error message*

This happens on on FreeBSD 10.2 using the version in ports, though I'm
uncertain whether I'm looking at the problem from the correct angle as
ldd isn't crying about missing libraries:

# ldd /usr/local/lib/freeradius-3.0.10/
/usr/local/lib/freeradius-3.0.10/ => /usr/local/lib/ (0x801608000) => /lib/ (0x800821000) => /lib/ (0x801836000) => /usr/local/lib/ (0x801a5a000) => /usr/lib/ (0x801c65000) => /lib/ (0x801ed1000)

There seems not to be a library it cannot find (same for radiusd itself)?

The build logs seem to compile rlm_sql_postgresql without hickup either
and I see no check error:

LINK build/lib/
CC src/modules/rlm_sql/drivers/rlm_sql_unixodbc/rlm_sql_unixodbc.c
LINK build/lib/
CC src/modules/rlm_sql/drivers/rlm_sql_mysql/rlm_sql_mysql.c
LINK build/lib/
CC src/modules/rlm_sql/drivers/rlm_sql_postgresql/rlm_sql_postgresql.c
LINK build/lib/
CC src/modules/rlm_sql/drivers/rlm_sql_sqlite/rlm_sql_sqlite.c
LINK build/lib/
CC src/modules/rlm_sql/drivers/rlm_sql_null/rlm_sql_null.c

I've rebuilt both postgresql93-client and freeradius from source using
FreeBSD's poudriere tool, not difference there.

Any idea where I could look further into this?

-- Mathieu


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