IP address not being assigned from router

GES Ed ges.ed.pk at gmail.com
Mon Oct 19 16:32:45 CEST 2015

I'm trying to connect my custom hardware board. called "beacon" to an
enterprise wifi network. I'm using FreeRadius version 3.0.10.

My issue is I can connect to enterprise wifi from my Android phone using
FreeRadius server successfully however when I try to connect my board
beacon, it seems my Tplinkrouter does not assign me dynamic IP address.

The DHCP client udhcpc keep on saying

"Sending Discover"

But it never gets an IP address.

Please note that my beacon board can successfully connect to normal home
wifi networks with pre shared key.

I have attached the script I'm using on beacon along with FreeRadius server
log for you to analyze my problem.

I have also attached FreeRadius log when my android phone connects to it
and it is successful.

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wpa_cli -iwlan0 disconnect
for i in `wpa_cli -iwlan0 list_networks | grep ^[0-9] | cut -f1`; do wpa_cli -iwlan0 remove_network $i; done
wpa_cli -iwlan0 add_network
wpa_cli -iwlan0 set_network 0 auth_alg OPEN
wpa_cli -iwlan0 set_network 0 key_mgmt WPA-EAP
wpa_cli -iwlan0 set_network 0 pairwise TKIP
wpa_cli -iwlan0 set_network 0 group TKIP
wpa_cli -iwlan0 set_network 0 proto WPA
wpa_cli -iwlan0 set_network 0 eap PEAP
wpa_cli -iwlan0 set_network 0 identity '"beacon"'
wpa_cli -iwlan0 set_network 0 password '"12345678"'
wpa_cli -iwlan0 set_network 0 phase1 '"peapver=0"'
wpa_cli -iwlan0 set_network 0 phase2 '"MSCHAPV2"'
wpa_cli -iwlan0 set_network 0 mode 0
wpa_cli -iwlan0 set_network 0 ssid '"Redeye"'
wpa_cli -iwlan0 select_network 0
wpa_cli -iwlan0 enable_network 0
wpa_cli -iwlan0 reassociate
wpa_cli -iwlan0 status
iw wlan0 link

Then for IP assigning I use
udhcpc -i wlan0 

Which keeps on saying 
Sending discover ... 
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