How to assign different group user different ip pool?

Yanrui Hu yhu at
Thu Oct 22 09:05:42 CEST 2015

I read some article about setting ippool on freeradius and I can let radius
return a configured ippool to strongswan vpn server.
But this is not meet my requirement.
Ideally, I want some users use one ippool and others use another pool. And
the user types maybe dynamic e.g. flags in postgresql db table.
I read article related ippool and sqlippool but seems not meet my need.
Would like anyone implement such solution and give me some according

ps. my final goal is through this to control vpn end user bandwidth. I know
freeradius have bandwidth control when user logined but that no good since
it kickout user when found the usage quota exceed. I want user can still
use but bandwidth controlled(current solution is different pool and use tc
on server).

Best Regards,

Yanrui Hu

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