Connections Dropping When Macs Wake Up

Jon Forrest jonf at
Thu Oct 22 18:48:07 CEST 2015

I'm running an ASUS RT-N66U router/accesspoint with firmware release, which is the latest release.

Until recently we were using WPA2-Personal authentication
which was working fine. We signed up with a Radius-as-a-Service
company, which is using FreeRadius 3.0.7. I changed our 2.5Ghz wireless
network (there is a 2.5Ghz and a 5Ghz network) to WPA2-Enterprise and
to authenticate with the Radius service. We can authenticate just
fine, and the network seems to work fine, at first.

However, soon after switching to Radius authentication,
users starting complaining that they loose connectivity when their
computer (usually a Mac running OSX 10.10.5) wakes up from sleep mode.
The way they usually notice this is because their HipChat program
says it's trying to reconnect. By switching to another network, and
then switching back to the 2.5Ghz network, they can reestablish
the connection.

I was not expecting connectivity problems. I've talked to the service
vendor and they aren't seeing anything in their logs. I'm going
to update a test Mac to 10.11.1, which came out yesterday, to see
if I can replicate the problem. If so, I suppose the next thing
I'm going to do is switch to a different router/access point to
see if the problem is router specific.

I found a web page
where this problem was discussed but nobody has a solution.

Has anyone on this list seen this problem when switch to Radius?
Do you have any suggestions for how to troubleshoot this problem?


Jon Forrest
Captricity | IT Manager
jonf at
510-334-4855 (cell)

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