Add custom ldap attribute to replies

Alan DeKok aland at
Fri Oct 30 13:45:05 CET 2015

On Oct 30, 2015, at 8:37 AM, Angel L. Mateo <amateo at> wrote:
> Hello,
> 	I have my freeradius connected to an LDAP server.
> 	I want now to add the CN attribute of my ldap users' entries to the freeradius reply. So I have:
> - Created a custom attribute (I haven't found any better, is there any?). This is the definition in the dictionary:
> ATTRIBUTE X-Atica-CN  3002    string

  And raddb/dictionary says:

#	If you want to add entries to the dictionary file,
#	which are NOT going to be placed in a RADIUS packet,
#	add them here.  The numbers you pick should be between
#	3000 and 4000.

  So... that attribute won't be in a packet.

> 	but when I try with radtest, this custom attribute is not in the reply.

  Yes.  That's what the documentation says.

> 	Any help?

  Create a vendor-specific dictionary.  Read this to learn how dictionaries work:

  And then:

  Alan DeKok.

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