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Wed Sep 2 15:13:34 CEST 2015

 Yes sorry Alan, I realized too late that problem come from my nas which doesn't send by default
 Event-TimeStamp (55).

On Sep 2, 2015, at 2:54 AM, nicolas.clo at wrote:
> I have a problem to log accounting informations to mysql,
> rlm_sql_mysql: ERROR 1582 (Incorrect parameter count in the call to native function
> 'FROM_UNIXTIME'): 42000
> It seems to be that Freeradius can't retrieve "integer:Event-Timestamp" value.

  Because it isn't in the packet.

> FreeRADIUS Version 3.0.10 (git #f7065a7), for host i486-pc-linux-gnu, built on Sep  1 2015 at
> 15:39:31 on Debian 7.8
> Mysql 5.5.35

  That isn't the full debug output.  And it's "-Xx", which isn't necessary.

  You can just add the Event-Timestamp if it doesn't already exist:

		 if (!Event-Timestamp) {
		 		 update request {
		 		 		 Event-Timestamp := "%l"

  Alan DeKok.

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