rlm_detail header not expanding \t

Matthew Newton mcn4 at leicester.ac.uk
Wed Sep 9 18:07:41 CEST 2015

In v2 I do:

  detail {
    header = "%t\t%{Client-IP-Address}"

which gives e.g.

  Wed Sep  9 16:55:16 2015

in the detail file.

Building a config for v3, the same gives:

  Wed Sep  9 16:55:16 2015127.0.0.1

i.e. the \t is silently discarded and expands to nothing.

I can get around it by putting a physical tab char in the config,
but is this intended?

Have stared at the radius_xlat code for too many minutes and
figured it'd be quicker to ask... :)



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