Transferring policy to v3.0.10

David Aldwinckle daldwinc at
Thu Sep 17 14:28:18 CEST 2015

That worked, thanks Alan.


On Thu, 2015-09-17 at 08:21 -0400, Alan DeKok wrote:

On Sep 17, 2015, at 8:18 AM, David Aldwinckle <daldwinc at<mailto:daldwinc at>> wrote:
> In version 2.1.12 I had some unlang in /etc/raddb/policy.conf which I
> referenced in a number of virtual servers.
> In version 3.0.10, I notice that there is no more policy.conf. I found
> policy.d/filter but I was unsure if this was the correct place to put
> the config, and if I need to link it to mods-enabled.

  It's the same thing.  We split policy.conf into multiple files because it was getting big.

  There is no need to enable the policies.

> Any advice on where to put legacy policy.conf things, like the one I've
> included below?

  Put a file into raddb/policy.d, and the server will automatically load it.

  Then, use "remote_netid_reject" somewhere in a virtual server.

  Alan DeKok.

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