Freeradius DHCP and radius accounting

Alain Cocconi cocconi at
Mon Sep 21 07:38:15 CEST 2015


I've a working configuration with Freeradius doing radius AAA for PPPoE 
subscribers on a Cisco ASR1006 BRAS and proxiing accounting packets to a 
Subscriber Management Policer (SMP) server.
Each time a subscriber is authenticated, a radius Class attribute is 
send into the replied packet, then the BRAS put it in each radius 
accounting packets.
Those accounting packets are proxied to the SMP server by the Freeradius 
These configuration is working fine since many many years now.
But because of FTTH is coming in my region now, I've to switch from 
PPPoE to a IPoE and using DHCP.
So I've done a lab with a working Freeradius DHCP server (Freeradius 
DHCP is working great!), but after checking again and again docs, wiki 
and web, I can't find a solution to do a radius accounting packet 
instead of a DHCP accounting packet or asking my cisco to do radius 
accounting and not DHCP accounting.
If someone has an idea it would be nice to share it with me.



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