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Thu Sep 24 19:15:53 CEST 2015

Hi Alan,

Thanks for the advice. Arran's intuition was correct (as I also suspected).
As soon as I found out how to turn on debugging on the supplicant I saw
that it did not like the server certificate. I am now looking for some kind
of guide about what format the CN/SubjectAltName etc. need to be in certs
for 802.1x for Apple to be happy with them.
>Sep 23 12:00:24.045540 Spare-MacBook-Air.local eapolclient[540]: Receive
Size 472 Type 0x888e From 2:18:5a:1d:ae:3
>Sep 23 12:00:24.045726 Spare-MacBook-Air.local eapolclient[540]: EAP
Request: EAP type 21
>Sep 23 12:00:24.071564 Spare-MacBook-Air.local eapolclient[540]:
[eapttls_plugin.c:969] eapttls_verify_server(): server certificate not
trusted status 6 0
>Sep 23 12:00:24.071763 Spare-MacBook-Air.local eapolclient[540]: Transmit
Size 21 Type 0x888e To 2:18:5a:1d:ae:3
>Sep 23 12:00:24.071908 Spare-MacBook-Air.local eapolclient[540]: en0
EAP-TTLS: authentication failed with status 6
>Sep 23 12:00:24.072062 Spare-MacBook-Air.local eapolclient[540]: set_msk 0

On Wed, Sep 23, 2015 at 11:44 AM, <A.L.M.Buxey at> wrote:

> Hi,
> > I am trying to debug an EAP-TTLS handshake problem between FreeRADIUS
> 2.2.4
> > with OpenSSL 1.0.1f and Mac OS X 10.10.5 and 10.9.5.  The Macs are using
> old. upgrade your FR
> > b) FreeRADIUS/OpenSSL and these versions of Mac OS X can all do TLS 1.2.
> > Does the text "TLS 1.0 Handshake" in the log really mean that it is only
> > using TLS 1.0 instead of TLS 1.2?
> yes. FR 2.2.4 doesnt do TLS 1.2  - 2.2.9 does

ok. I will probably upgrade to 3.0.9 in a week or two.

> > c) There is a message in the log "TLS_accept: failed in SSLv3 read client
> > certificate A". Does this mean that there was a client certificate
> > presented by the client? (there shouldn't be a client cert at all)
> how is the OSX device configured?

Im attaching the .mobileconfig file. OSX is configured to use EAP-TTLS +
PAP, the server cert CN is and is signed by our self-signed
CA cert.  Both of these are in the mobileconfig file and WiFi profile says
to expect as a Trusted Name for 802.1x from this WiFi
network.  :-\

> > d) Does anyone have any other suggestions to make this work? I already
> > tried setting the cipher_list to well used ciphers that the Macs
> generally
> > like ('AES+aRSA') and got the same result. (The trace below is with the
> > default cipher_list).
> works with DEFAULT. unless you want to start playing client compatibility
> issue
> and need to remove eg DH methods or DES methods from the list I wouldnt
> touch it
> (that particular combo only allows TLS1.2 and a few SSLv3 methods
> >                         dh_file = ${certdir}/dh
> how big is that dh key?   must be 1024 or bigger


> openssl dhparam -in dh -text -noout
> >                 ttls {
> >                         default_eap_type = md5
> md5? really?  I'm sure you want that to be mschapv2 for your systems.
> dont think OSX
> will renegotiate.

I need PAP inside the EAP-TTLS, because I need to proxy the PAP request to
a PAP-only RADIUS server. EAP-MD5 is actually disabled, but I found I still
need a non-TLS default_eap_type inside the ttls block. As we are not
getting far enough to worry about that (and it works on Windows and
Android), I am not too worried about that.


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