Clear bindwith

Xu Tingting t.t.xu at
Fri Sep 25 10:32:51 CEST 2015

Hi everyone,

I have set the daily traffic limit to VPN user.
sqlcounter dailytrafficcounter {
        counter-name = Daily-Traffic
        check-name = Max-Daily-Traffic
        reply-name = Daily-Traffic-Limit
        sqlmod-inst = sql
        key = User-Name
        reset = daily
        query = "SELECT SUM(acctinputoctets + acctoutputoctets) FROM
radacct WHERE UserName='%{%k}' AND UNIX_TIMESTAMP(AcctStartTime) > '%b'"
When the limit reaches, users cant login.
And the next day ,users login fine till the daily limit reaches.
But in the next day ,the bindwith not reset to 0,just follow the
yesterday's data.

How can i make the data reset to 0 ?


Best regards,


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