FR3 RadSec for Eduroam (esp. Germany & DFN servers)

Zubair Ayub Zubairayub at
Mon Aug 15 12:16:01 CEST 2016

can anyone tell how to authenticate user by vlan as wo authenticate by password and username..
i want that if username password or vlan is sane then allow user else deny user i am thousands of users and many vlans
need help

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Hi Arran,

thanks for the quick reply. I see my task as a piece of research and
I'll try to test the RadSec implementation even if it should be common
sense in Germany to use the RadSecProxy, if my supervisor provides me
with this. If I'll encounter any bugs I'll report them.


Am 2016-08-15 11:38, schrieb Arran Cudbard-Bell:

> On 15 Aug 2016, at 11:28, Sebastian Hagedorn <Hagedorn at>
> wrote:
> Hi,
> --On 15. August 2016 um 11:22:37 +0200 Philipp Trenz
> <mail at> wrote:
> my name is Philipp Trenz, I'm student at the University of Applied
> Science Harz and work there at the datacenter. I'm charged with
> updating
> the EDUROAM wifi auth infrastructure and searching for experiences with
> the RadSec implementation in FreeRadius3 in cooperation with the
> radius-servers of the German DFN or in general.
> I heared of different voices. At
> it says FR3
> can
> replace third party software like RadSecProxy, but I also heared that
> the
> implementation does not work that fine.
> At the moment it's going to be FreeRADIUS 3.0.4 on a RHEL7.2, but also
> could go up to the latest stable release, if this would fix issues.
> I'd be very glad to hear some of your experiences!
> we were told by DFN that we must use RadSecProxy, and it works just
> fine.

If there are issues we haven't be made aware of them.  It would be
useful if any users have run into issues with RADSEC on recent versions
of FreeRADIUS, to file bug reports...


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