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Mon Aug 15 12:22:32 CEST 2016

Hi Alan,

thanks for these tips.
3.0.4 was at the repo of RHEL7, so I used it. But with your advice I'll 
compile the latest 3.1.X version.
Mr Paffrath at the DFN, responsible for the Radius servers, is just in 
vacation. So I try to collect as much information as possible to 
question him, when he's back.
With RadSec I'm not shure what I need, it should just function with the 
DFN servers ;) I'll see ...


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Subject: Re: FR3 RadSec for Eduroam (esp. Germany & DFN servers)
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> I heared of different voices. At
> it says FR3
> can replace third party software like RadSecProxy, but I also heared
> that the implementation does not work that fine.

documentation is always historical.... that was probably based
on early implementations.....

> At the moment it's going to be FreeRADIUS 3.0.4 on a RHEL7.2, but
> also could go up to the latest stable release, if this would fix
> issues.

3.0.4 is old and creaky, containing many random bugs.   I would 
that you use the recent 3.1.x - thus getting yourself ready for the
3.2.x stable release and having all latest features but not bleeding
edge 4.x stuff.    if you must have 3.0.x then use 3.0.11 (or 3.0.12
when that slips out) - but be aware that it'll be legacy release
when 3.2 arrives.

what RADSEC features do you want?  if you chat with your NRO in DFN 
give you their there are other things they may expect
or wnat you to do....


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