FR3 RadSec for Eduroam (esp. Germany & DFN servers)

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Mon Aug 15 14:05:56 CEST 2016

sir there is alot of files and i really dont know any thing about radius so i got confuse would you please give me step by step tutorial with coding i will be very thankfull to you ..

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> thanks for your reply sir . and exactly you are rite i should give user a vlan but how can i guve him vlan help please

first, dont hikack another thread, create your own so its readable and skippable by others

second, read the docs that come with your NAS - they'll tell you the attributes required, then read the
RADIUS docs and they'll tell you how to do it (be that dumb/simple users file entry, scaling through
to dynamic values pulled from SQL/LDAP....)

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