Allowing clients with dynamic IP address

Anuruddha Premalal anuruddhapremalal at
Fri Aug 19 10:52:40 CEST 2016

Hi All,

Is it possible to host free-radius in Amazon cloud with a static DNS and
connect clients (access points) who doesn't have a static IP address only
with the secret?. I went through the clients.conf file and wasn't able to
find information on that. If this doesn't support out of the box, is there
any extension point which could validate some thing like below and allow
any ip address with the proper secret to get authenticate.(something
similar to the extensions of python module)

client myexternalclient {
 ipaddr =
 secret = testing123

I understand this is going to allow a huge security whole. Do you guys have
any better suggestions to use an externally hosted radius server without a
static ip address assigned to the access point?

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