Set up /dev/null (no auth) proxy server on NULL realm

Seiichirou Hiraoka seiichirou.hiraoka at
Mon Dec 5 09:11:49 CET 2016

Hello folks,

I use freeradius 3.0.4 on CentOS 7.2 (RPM)
And I want to set up /dev/null (without  auth) proxy server on NULL realm.

Now, I set up my proxy.conf as follow.

realm NULL {
        authhost        =
        accthost        =
        secret          = dummy

No service exist in, 1646.

When user try to auth without realm (NULL realm),
all authentication going to fail.

I have some question.
1) Is my setting correct ?
2) Is there a way to set the timeout? (I want to set timeout to 0)
3) Any other advice?

Best regards,

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