Regarding RADIUS Authentication feature Implementation over TLS

A.L.M.Buxey at A.L.M.Buxey at
Mon Dec 19 13:26:33 CET 2016


> >just read the 'tls' virtual server module. configure with required certificate details, add your client details, restart the server and then configure the client appropriately.
> Would you like to elaborate a bit .what do you mean by configuring client appropriately? What will be the client side changes?

the client is currently RADIUS over UDP - so you'll need to configure it to use TCP/TLS and set the correct certificate
details (CA etc etc - its a TLS client).

> >regarding client....I would just point the client at a local, very stripped down FR server (so its just converting the RADIUS UDP into RADIUS TLS/TCP - very very basic config... or even more basic, a local copy of radsecproxy to do the same.
> Is this you ment we can download thye pakage of radsecproxy and will use the same as client side program? 
> &
> I couldn’t understnd FR server?


radsecproxy is a simple program that will take UDP and turn it into TCP/TLS

> Any opensource codebase  can be helpful to download the client side code?

FreeRADIUS contains the client side code - it has to as it is also a client of remote RADSEC servers.....


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