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If I don't send a password, then the rest.authenticate complains.

That was what was suggested I try. So I guess that's a non-starter.

I guess I could have a crack at a patch. Will have to see what the big bosses say!


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> I was using 3.0.11.
> I have built 3.0.12 from scratch and tried that with more success.

  That's good.

> So this seems to raise a couple of issues for me.
> 1. I am sending a User-Password but FreeRadius thinks not?

  FreeRADIUS is receiving the password.  The problem is that the RFCs say you're not allowed to put User-Password into CoA packets.

> 2. In the real scenario, I probably wouldn't have a password at this point. I guess I can just send a dummy one? Assuming I can get #1 to work.

  The better question is why do you want to send a password in a CoA request?

> Are there any plans to improve the REST module to handle CoA directly?

  Sure.  Send a patch.

  It should be about ~60 lines of code.  Just cut & paste & edit.

  Alan DeKok.

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