Freeradius-Users Digest, Vol 140, Issue 40

firing neurons firingneurons at
Wed Dec 21 19:56:15 CET 2016

   I used a Tmp-String-x and that also fixed it.

   About spliting the Tmp-Integer64 for sqlcounter reply name, where would
   I split this?

   Can I just put two reply attributes in sqlcounter? May be do the math

   or updating the reply list with the two attributes, calculating their
   value using expr in unlang is the only way?

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   Date: Tue, 20 Dec 2016 20:32:54 -0500
   From: Alan DeKok <aland at>
   To: FreeRadius users mailing list
   <freeradius-users at>
   Subject: Re: attribute overflow from sql query in unlang
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   On Dec 20, 2016, at 7:32 PM, firing neurons <firingneurons at>
   > Why is their an overflow in the first case? I am using radius3
   Because Tmp-Integer is a 32-bit integer.
   > The same query is used by the relevant sqlcounter module and it works
   > as expected and doesn't overflow.
   > I am trying to send CoA disconnect to the NAS after the user exhuasts
   > their data with sql and unlang logic in accounting section.
   > I also tried simply using the reply attribute Mikrotik-Total-Limit
   > the the NAS also expected Mikrotik-Total-Limit-Gigawords.
   > The sqlcounter I made simply sent overflown value in
   > Mikrotik-Total-Limit and hence lmit of more than 4Gb couldn't be
   > enforced.
   Use a 64-bit attribute. e.g. Tmp-Integer64
   > Any way I can send the extra reply attribute from the sqlcounter?
   You will need to manually split Tmp-Integer64 into two different 32-bit
   Alan DeKok.

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