VLAN Assignment with RADIUS

Jonathan Gazeley Jonathan.Gazeley at bristol.ac.uk
Thu Dec 22 16:49:14 CET 2016

One of the RADIUS attributes, I think 'Called-Station-Id' contains the 
MAC address of the AP followed by the SSID. You can match on this and 
return the VLAN number in the post-auth section depending on the SSID.


On 22/12/16 15:35, Valentin Heidelberger wrote:
> Hey everyone,
> I am trying to do the following with RADIUS
> There is 1 AP with 2 SSIDs - lets cal them "B" and "P"
> I want RADIUS to assign VLAN20 to "P" and VLAN40 to "B"
> I have found no other method online than configuring static users in the
> users file with VLANs assigned to them. In my setup users are
> authenticated with LDAP. Do I really have to assign every single user
> the VLAN or is there a simpler way like assigning the VLAN to a virtual
> server running on a different port or something focussed on the SSIDs?
> Kind regards
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