cui question FR 3.0.11

Alex Sharaz alex.sharaz at
Mon Feb 1 11:01:48 CET 2016

Just been browsing through my cui config on a FR 3.0.11 outward facing
server and found

the following accounting detail logging

 FreeRADIUS-Acct-Session-Start-Time = "Feb  1 2016 09:39:17 GMT"
        Module-Failure-Message = "regex failed: Found null in subject at
offset 18.  String unsafe for evaluation"
        Module-Failure-Message = "Failed retrieving values required to
evaluate condition"
        Acct-Unique-Session-Id = "0ab90a46c2f04499b46b7d9265696856"
        Stripped-User-Name = "jcm1k"
        Realm = "DEFAULT"
        SQL-User-Name = "jcm1k"
        Chargeable-User-Identity = 0x


1). Module-Failure-Message - never seen this in a  debug log before.
Assuming its something specific to FR 3.x. What's it associated with?

2). Chargeable-User-Identity = 0x

Should I see this or should I see the whole string?


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