Make file error on Solaris

Sander Eerdekens sander.eerdekens at
Tue Feb 2 11:13:10 CET 2016

> Hi Sander,
>   thanks for you reply!
> i've modified the PATH in order to use the "grep" you suggested...
> but i still having errors on the gmake
> That lead me to suppose that the problem do not regards the grep but the
> arguments passed.
> I'm not expert on make file, but looking at error messages:

> always we have some command with pipe with sed & awk ( and tr ) may be
> some thing is wrong into one or both,
> unfortunately i can't understand which files are involved in order to
> replicate the issue and identify exactly which part fails
> the config.log does not show which sed and awk are using,
> but i suppose they are
> # which sed
> /usr/xpg4/bin/sed
> # which awk
> /usr/xpg4/bin/awk

Try This: 
mv /usr/bin/awk /usr/bin/awk_old
ln -s /usr/bin/nawk /usr/bin/awk

Had to do this to get things working on the solaris 11 box.
The default awk is awful :)
I added this to the solaris wiki recently:

And for more references

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