segfault calling rc_auth()

dev devuan.2 at
Tue Feb 2 21:46:09 CET 2016

I have an ldap password plugin which calls rc_auth() to authenticate
the user/pass combination with a freeradius server.  I've used a
plugin template from openLDAP and the code from radexample.c
(1.1.6 on ubuntu 14.04) for the radius bits.

I'm getting segfaults in libc sometimes in kernel.log and not sure
what's causing the problem:
      traps: slapd[5181] general protection ip:7fa35a699c7f 
sp:7fa353664f90 error:0 in[7fa35a602000+1bb000]

I have the code on pastebin to help clarify:
line 126 (

Does this seem like an issue in the 1.1.6 freeradiusclient library
somehow, or am I doing something boneheaded? Not sure at this point
where to start looking for the problem. dmesg only shows the segfault 
entry and /var/log/freeradius/radius.log says "ldap_search() failed: 
LDAP connection lost.". The output in debug mode for the ldap server
simply terminates as the segfault takes out slapd.

Thanks for any help!

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