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Scott Lambert lambert at
Thu Feb 4 21:52:24 CET 2016

On Thu, Feb 04, 2016 at 02:43:20PM -0500, Alan DeKok wrote:
> On Feb 4, 2016, at 2:22 PM, Adem Darguner <adarguner at> wrote:
> > I want to accept multiple password on the same user on MYSQL. Do you have
> > any solutions?  Please tell me a solutions.Please.
>   You can't.  You need another solution.

You can.  It's a bad idea, but FreeRADIUS is flexible enough.  It is
much better to use huntgroups or realms to differentiate between users
with the "same" username.

You can write a perl auth module to do anything you want.

If you dig through the archives, I think I've posted how I used unlang
to deal with acquired realms where huntgroups were not possible and
users were not using realms.  The realms are used in the authentication
database.  It's fragile and requires extra maintenance.  It's definitely
a bad idea.  But it may be less bad than reconfigureing a few hundred
clients overnight, or paying for extra telecom lines to enable
huntgroups until you can reconfigure the clients.

After 6 years, we are, finally, nearly ready to rip it out because we
have reconfigured enough of the client devices to not be a tech support

Probably, noone will help you with issues if you go that route.  Very
few of us have spent time trying to think about how to do it.  Those of
us who have are likely to be busy with other things.

You are more likely to be able to get help if you tell the experts your
situation, rather than asking how to implement the solution you think
you want without any supporting information.  They may be able to tell
you how to do things more efficiently.

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