Framed-IP-Address to Proxy acct

Elton Machado elton.machado at
Fri Feb 5 23:38:41 CET 2016

Hi Alan,

First of all thanks for your help, the pre-proxy statement must go in the
site-enabled/default right?  or it goes in proxy.conf?

Should this work instead?

        update request {
                Framed-IP-Address := "%{Framed-IP-Address}"



It is not possible to use the
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On Feb 4, 2016, at 6:55 PM, Elton Machado <elton.machado at>
> How can I sent the Framed-IP-Address  to a acct remote proxy?

  Add the attribute to the packet in the pre-proxy section.

> My authentication is being done in a Remote Radius, and I need to send
> the accounting from Freeradius to another radius accounting server or at
> least duplicate accounting to there (Sonicwall)
> Since my Dell switch are not able to send the attribute 8 but only the mac
> address.

  OK.  That's fine.

> Freeradius is responsible for the DHCP and I can see the Framed-IP-Address
> being there and being set to the DHCP Client IP, but on my proxy acct
> server I don't see on the AVP the attr 8.

  The IP address is stored in an SQL database, along with the MAC address
of the machine.  So... when the server receives an Accounting-Request
packet containing a MAC address, look up the MAC in the SQL database to get
the IP address.

pre-proxy {

        update request {
                Framed-IP-Address := "%{sql:SELECT ...}"


  You'll have to write the SQL select statement.  Test it by hand first,
and then add it to the server configuration.

  Alan DeKok.

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