sql: ERROR: rlm_sql_oracle: ORA-01403: no data found

Matthew Newton mcn4 at leicester.ac.uk
Thu Feb 11 18:35:57 CET 2016

On Thu, Feb 11, 2016 at 05:19:29PM +0000, Vincent MARCEL wrote:
> >  Your query doesn't return data from the database

> (1) sql: ERROR: Error fetching row
> (1) sql: ERROR: rlm_sql_oracle: ORA-01403: no data found
> Here is the result of the copy/paste query in sqlplus :
> SQL> SELECT distinct 1,NUM_SERIE,'Cleartext-Password',NUM_SERIE,':=' FROM E_MEMA_TPE WHERE NUM_SERIE = 'FT10895748';
>          1 NUM_SERIE            'CLEARTEXT-PASSWOR NUM_SERIE            ':
> ---------- -------------------- ------------------ -------------------- --
>          1 FT10895748           Cleartext-Password FT10895748           :=

Just a thought... in sqlplus are you using the same user with the
same permission to read the database as FreeRADIUS is using?


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