If you need to set "synchronous = no"

apopov at cybervisiontech.com apopov at cybervisiontech.com
Fri Feb 12 13:33:47 CET 2016

We want to use radius for transferring CDR records. Expected about 5000 accounting requests per second. 
Our plan: App(requests generator) -> Local FreeRadius proxy -> Remote FreeRadius servers. 
Local instance of freeradius proxy should store requests if remote server unavailable and also care about retransmissions. 
If proxy support only synchronous mode, I don't think it is possible to transfer 5K requests per second because of response delay. Looks like asynchronous mode can help in this case. 

>From my understanding synchronous mode mean - proxy does not handle next request before response on first one. Is it correct understanding? 
Can FreeRadius Proxy be used for my case? 


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