sql: ERROR: rlm_sql_oracle: ORA-01403: no data found

Vincent MARCEL Vincent.MARCEL at monext.net
Tue Feb 16 11:01:24 CET 2016

>  We answered this many times.  If you don't believe us, that's not a problem we can solve.

  Alan DeKok.

No you did not answer, you just have said that I'm lying when I say that my query returns data.
But I'm not and I have proved it.
You don't argue nor try to search where the problem could be when I'm just asking help respectfully.
I'm sorry but but this is narrow minded and supercilious.
Generating a "no data found" error whenever data is returned or not don't have any sense when it is not mandatory that authorize_check_query returns data.
The problem might be elsewhere, maybe it is not related to authorize_check_query ...

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