How to add VAP based on LDAP group membership

Michael Ströder michael at
Fri Feb 19 14:03:31 CET 2016

Stefan Winter wrote:
>> I still don't get it sorry :(
>> ldap:///ou=hosts,dc=testdomain,dc=de?macAddress?sub?macAddress=%{Calling-Station-Id}}
> There is no hostname in that string. Which server do you want to ask?
> You should tell the server that tiny bit of information.

Maybe there is some confusion because some LDAP (client) software allow to
specify search parameters for an already existing LDAP connection as LDAP URLs
without hostport part. It entirely depends on the client implementation whether
that has any meaning or not. (I cannot comment on the FreeRADIUS internals.)

Ciao, Michael.

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