upgrade freeradius vom 2.1.12 to 3.0.x

Mathieu Simon (Lists) matsimon.lists at simweb.ch
Thu Feb 25 13:40:36 CET 2016


Am 25.02.2016 um 10:56 schrieb Fajar A. Nugraha:

>> Installing make fixes the package installation process. I hope Fajar
>> gets the time to upload 3.0.11 to the Ubuntu PPA in the near future. :-)
> I was a bit worried when I read this:
> http://freeradius.1045715.n5.nabble.com/3-0-11-update-broke-my-PEAP-td5739165.html
> @Mathieu, do you experience similar issue, or is it a
> rare-to-encounter situation?
I saw the thread - I can't share much on that topic since I only started
to get more involved with 3.0 with 3.0.10 and don't have that much
customized the config files. In my case updating from that point on
didn't break thing for me (and I do use PEAP-MSCHAPv2).

> On a side note, @Jonas, ppa:freeradius/stable-3.0 mostly use whatever
> build recipe is available upstream. If you want to build your own
> packages, you should be able to download FR-3.0.11 source code, and
> use it (e.g. dpkg-checkbuilddeps, dpkg-buildpackage -b)
Can confirm that, the Debian / Ubuntu packaging info in the source is in
good shape currently as far as I can tell :-)

-- Mathieu

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