radwtmp doesn't exist

Chris Knipe savage at savage.za.org
Thu Feb 25 14:44:03 CET 2016

>   If you want technical help, and technical explanations, this list is for
> you.
>   I have *zero* patience for people who don't contribute, but who demand
> that I cater to their delicate sensibilities.  Have enough maturity to
> realize that technical answers should not be seen as personal attacks.
>   Feel free to unsubscribe.  Or stay subscribed.  I don't really care.
> But either way, you're not my boss, or the enforcer of super-duper
> politeness.  Stop complaining.   Or else.
>   Alan DeKok.
YEASUS CHRIST!!!! Get off your fucking high horse!

Oh wait - let me rather just stop using FreeRadius all together, because of
idiots like you.  If you can't be POLITE, then SHUT UP!


Chris Knipe

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