Code of Conduct

Alan DeKok aland at
Thu Feb 25 22:11:26 CET 2016

  Given the increase in banned people in the last few months, I thought an explanation was necessary.

  This list is for technical discussions about FreeRADIUS.  People should be helpful.  Name-calling and cursing are not allowed.  Conduct should be goal-oriented, and that goal should be getting FreeRADIUS to do something.

  That's really it.  I've seen other groups use a code of conduct like:

  While that text is largely OK, it will never be adopted here.  It is too broad, and not technically focussed.  The sections on "harassment" and "diversity" issues are entirely unnecessary for an on-line list such as this.  Any harassment is wrong not only because the behaviour is wrong, but because the discussion is not technical, and not related to FreeRADIUS.  Similarly, discussions of "diversity" are irrelevant on a list dedicated to technical FreeRADIUS issues.

  Even worse, there is text which raised red flags for me.  Specifically, the text on "we will not act on complaints regarding...Refusal to explain or debate social justice concepts" is a deal breaker for me.  Again, this is because a technical list is *not* the place to discuss social justice, religion, politics, or gender theory.  The implicit assumption in the "Code of Conduct" document is that those subjects are suitable topic for a technical list.  I disagree rather fundamentally.

  If people want to discuss non-FreeRADIUS issues, there are hundreds of thousands of other places to do so.

  When people demand that the conduct here satisfy their personal sense of propriety, the answer will be an emphatic "No".  We assume that people here are adults, and have enough maturity to see that disagreement with them isn't a personal attack.  People who can't take such disagreement should go somewhere else.

  Discussing codes of conduct is not an appropriate topic for this list.  If I continue to complain about it, I will have to ban myself.

  Alan DeKok.

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