Unmetered content

Joshua Cameron JoshuaC at ace.com.au
Mon Feb 29 04:42:19 CET 2016

I'm trying to allow unmetered content over my network. Just shy of 1000 users.

I'm looking to use freeradius for this, and want to know if/how it's possible.

I don't think it's possible/under the purview of freeradius itself to distinguish between metered and unmetered traffic, I can have it done by another device and just come in on different physical ports on the machine.

My first thoughts are having freeradius virtual servers defined. I can have the unmetered and metered traffic come in on different physical ports with separate IPs.

The first port takes the metered content and authentication to one virtual server. 

The second port takes the unmetered content, with authentication proxied to the other virtual server.

Then I'd measure data usage for both metered/unmetered networks by looking into each of the accounting tables for the virtual servers.

Is this how it would work? How else could it be done? Are there any how-tos?

Joshua C

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