Freeradius 3.0.10 sigsegv

Luca Palazzo luca.palazzo at
Tue Jan 5 15:08:02 CET 2016

Hi Alan,
I've got these info from gdb:

Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
0x00007ffff7bc77a0 in paircompare (request=request at entry=0xb10ca0, 
req_list=0xb10f50, check=check at entry=0xb129b0, rep_list=rep_list at entry=0x0)
     at src/main/pair.c:536
536                                     if ((auth_item->da == from) || 
(!from)) {
(gdb) p auth_item
$1 = (VALUE_PAIR *) 0x2e696d696c6f7040
(gdb) p auth_item->da
Cannot access memory at address 0x2e696d696c6f7040
(gdb) p from
$2 = (const DICT_ATTR *) 0x68ff50


Il 05/01/16 15:01, Alan DeKok ha scritto:

Il 05/01/16 15:01, Alan DeKok ha scritto:
> On Jan 5, 2016, at 2:43 AM, Luca Palazzo <luca.palazzo at> wrote:
>> we are experiencing a lot of segmentation fault in freeradius 3.0.10. It seems to be  something in proxy because we have other freeradius server running without problem. Those one (other two servers) with proxy enabled crash with the same backtrace.
>> Hosts configuration and backtrace follows.
>> Any idea?
>> ...
>> #0  0x00007ffff7bc77a0 in paircompare (request=request at entry=0xa531c0, req_list=0xa53470, check=check at entry=0xa54ce0, rep_list=rep_list at entry=0x0)
>>     at src/main/pair.c:536
>    Can you print the values of the variables there?
> (gdb) p auth_item
> (gdb) p auth_item->da
> (gdb) p from
>    I can't see anything on line 536 which would cause it to crash.  All of the pointers are checked before they are dereferenced.
>    Alan DeKok.

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