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srithar jeevadurai srijeevadurai1 at
Wed Jan 6 13:47:35 CET 2016

Dear Friends,

We have successfully implemented

NAS <--> FreeRadius <--> IN

However now we have to implement

NAS <--> Proxy (auth + acct) <--> FreeRadius <--> IN

Can you please help me on the same? When we tried, proxy server is giving
below error message.

1.     *Auth: Login incorrect: [newhostt at
<testhost at>] (from client port 16634 cli

Proxy server is trying to validate the user however as per my
understanding, it has to forward to home server instead of validating the
user. Please let me know if you need any configuration files to be
uploaded, I will send the same in the email.

1.       Proxy server does not obtain persistent connection to home servers
and the connection is only when it forwards request (auth or act) home
server. Is our understanding correct? because We are doubt that proxy
server is connecting to home server or not.

Srithar Durairaj
Alternate Mail I.D: srijeevadurai1 at
Mobile: +919886251852

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