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Matthew Newton mcn4 at
Thu Jan 7 14:02:06 CET 2016

On Thu, Jan 07, 2016 at 09:38:59AM +0000, Peter Hutchison wrote:
> > TBH, iu cant recall if expansions work for that section in
> > radiusd.conf - if theres a quirky bug it wont get fixed in
> > 2.1.12
> Our Ubuntu server setup uses packages from
> using apt-get, they are still
> providing v2.1.12 and they have not changed to v3 yet. Not sure
> why Ubuntu support have not updated the packages for customers
> when its out of date....

Debian packages seem to have stagnated :(

But it's easy building Debian packages from the source tree. See

You'll get packages that you can easily install/remove as usual.

> >1) use the 'detail' module
> >2) use linelog
> The detail log is not really what I want. I just want to record
> requests. It is working for 'default' and 'inner-tunnel' but
> nothing else :(

> I tried this method, freeradius -X started up ok. But no logs generated...
> I am stuck at this point.

All the information is in the output of freeradius -X. What does
it say? It's hard for us to debug anything without seeing it.

> BTW, what version of Freeradius are you using?

Here a mixture of 3.1.x, 3.0.x and

But logging on all of them (inc. 2.1.12) is essentially the same,
so won't make any difference.

If you're building a new service I really would build the 3.0.x
packages and start from there, otherwise you are running end of
life software right from the beginning. I can't emphasise enough
not to start running a new service on version 2.


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