question about logging levels, using syslog facility.

koch at koch at
Tue Jan 12 14:38:43 CET 2016

   Good day! I'm using freeradius3.0.10. Here is my log configuration from
   log {
           destination = syslog
           syslog_facility = local1
           stripped_names = no
           auth = yes
           auth_badpass = yes
           auth_goodpass = yes
   Here is line from /etc/rsyslog.conf :                     -/var/log/radius/radius.log
   And I use my own perl module for auth-tion, where a lot of debug, info,
   error and so on information.
   use constant    L_DBG   => 1;
   use constant    L_AUTH  => 2;
   use constant    L_INFO  => 3;
   use constant    L_ERR   => 4;
   use constant    L_PROXY => 5;
   use constant    L_ACCT  => 6;
   I've finished my test, so I want to turn off debug info, but it still
   exist in the /var/log/radius/radius.log file (&radiusd::radlog(L_DBG,
   "Auth: Calling-Station-Id: ".$RAD_REQUEST{'Calling-Station-Id'}); ).
   I've restarted rsyslog, radiusd daemon was started without any params.
   Why debugging information doesn't want to disappear? Any ideas?
   Log exampe with debug info
   Jan 12 15:25:36 radiusn-test1 radiusd[11284]: (27673) Login OK:
   [12345/<via Auth-Type = Perl>] (from client localhost port 0 cli 12345)
   Jan 12 15:25:36 radiusn-test1 radiusd[11284]: rlm_perl: Auth:
   Calling-Station-Id: 12345

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