Disabling log entries for rejected users

MichaƂ B bialyy at o2.pl
Wed Jan 13 09:39:21 CET 2016

Hi guys,

I use freeradius for authenticating DHCP/PPPoE clients connected to
Mikrotik routers. Freeradius uses users files, not SQL database.

If I disable some user in my management software, the "Accept" entry in
proper "users" file is not generated. The access request for such user
is logged:

Jan 13 09:22:13 radsrv freeradius[2152]: Login incorrect (rlm_chap:
Clear text password not available): [blockeduser/<CHAP-Password>] (from
client mikrotik-main port 0 cli

After adding rejects for blocked users, for example:
blockeduser Auth-Type := Reject

The message still appears in the log file:
Jan 13 09:26:14 radsrv freeradius[2152]: Login incorrect:
[blockeduser/<CHAP-Password>] (from client mikrotik-main port 0 cli

How can I disable log etries for blocked/rejected users?


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