Set Bandwidth attributes from users file

Andrés Gómez andres.gomez.ruiz at
Thu Jan 14 01:01:08 CET 2016

Hi everybody!!

Usually I set bandwidth limits using attributes set in radreply table of a
MySQL database. It works great.
but now I need to set  bandwidth limits  to some user that are set in the
Users file like this:

user1   Cleartext-Password := "passw1"
            Reply-Message = "Your bandwidth is 1MBps."

user2   Cleartext-Password := "passw2"
            Reply-Message = "Your bandwidth is 2MBps."

Using Freeradius 2.

I have tried with some attributes, and I have searched information but I
couldn't get it.

It is possible?


*C. Andrés Gómez R.*

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