Freeradius 3.0.10 sigsegv

Luca Palazzo luca.palazzo at
Sun Jan 17 11:18:47 CET 2016

I finally isolated the problem.
If a user is not in any group, so sql-group is null, FR will crash in 
some time, not immediately.

I solved adding a UNION SELECT 'NOGROUP' As GroupName FROM usergroup' to 
groupcheck query.
Anyway, it would be better correcting it in the code, it may cause some 
other kind of problem.


Il 13/01/16 20:53, Alan DeKok ha scritto:
> On Jan 12, 2016, at 11:29 AM, Luca Palazzo <luca.palazzo at> wrote:
>> I tried a lot of things in these days.
>> The crash has something to do with the sql-group.
>> No using it, it does not crash.
>    That's weird.
>> It seem to crash when SQL-Group attribute is null, when a user is not found in usergroup table.
>> Can you look deeper in it?
>    I'm not sure how.  I can't reproduce it here.
>> BTW: I tried to do the same filter using huntgroup, but I must have missed something, because it does not work.
>   Hmm...
>> My huntgorup is this:
>> eduroam		Called-Station-Id =~ ".*:eduroam$"
>> eduroam		Airespace-Wlan-Id == 3
>> 		SQL-Group == wireless
>> So no other people than those one in wireless group should be able to use eduroam. But this does not work
>    That's not what the hunt group checks say.  They just define the hunt group.  You *also* need to say "reject if not in hunt group".
>    Alan DeKok.
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