Virtual server Depending on a radius server

Andrés Gómez andres.gomez.ruiz at
Wed Jan 20 01:25:55 CET 2016

Dear List,

I'm reading the documentation about virtual server ( and the methods to
configure them (server and client ip address, home server pool and TLS
tunnel), but I don't undestand what method can be useful in this case:

- My clients have dymanic Ip address.
- My server only have one public IP address.
- I can't do TLS tunnels with my client's NAS.

I can distinguish my clients by:
- NAS MAC address
- Radius secret.

I think the best way, would be to use the NAS secret to determine the
virtual server.
It is possible?

What do you advice?

*C. Andrés Gómez R.*

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