Issue with Attr-26

Vyacheslav Gubin gubin.vya4eslav at
Wed Jan 27 16:57:33 CET 2016

Dear all,

II do have an issue with Attr-26 = 0x483D342C20493D34, with version 3.0.10:

Radius fault to start with that kind of error : 

Parse error (check) for entry Attr-26: Invalid attribute name
Failed reading /etc/raddb/mods-config/files/authorize
/etc/raddb/mods-enabled/files[9]: Instantiation failed for module "files"

cat /etc/raddb/users

ipmiadmin Auth-Type :=Local, User-Password == "1234567"
Attr-26 = 0x483D342C20493D34

I wonder if this is the issue of this version of freeradius?

As far as I know all was fine in version 3.0.4

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