Connect problem

Alan DeKok aland at
Fri Jul 1 14:12:02 CEST 2016

On Jul 1, 2016, at 8:08 AM, Henrik Kressner <kressner at> wrote:
> I believe I did just that in the file: /usr/local/etc/raddb/users

  Is that the right file to edit?  Maybe you've installed multiple versions of the server.

  And did you add the sample entry to the TOP of the "users" file?

  And did you READ the debug output?  It shows which entry in the "users" file was matched.  Did you CHECK that it matched the entry you want it to match?

> And it works both on the server and on the NAS with radtest ?

  Then you probably edited the default configuration and broke it.  Don't do that.

  Honestly, all of the information you need to solve this problem is in front of you.  All you need to do is READ the debug output.

  Alan DeKok.

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