i can`t allow all ipv4 home_server

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Wed Jul 13 06:01:23 CEST 2016

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> i want allow all ipv4 home server to control coa
> home_server example_coa {
>      type=coa
>     ipaddr= * #allow all ip Not working

Last I checked, this cannot be done... something has to build a home_server
instance for each specific NAS IP address.

An external script may work for you if your load isn't astronomical, this might help
get you started:

      echo "Calling-Station-Id := $4
Aruba-Port-Bounce-Host := 5" | /bin/radclient $2:3799 disconnect -i $(($RANDOM % 250 + 1)) -s -S secret.txt

...different NAS will do this different ways and require different attributes to be present,
so you have to have a way to pick the right incantation for the given NAS, which is
one reason why building this into FreeRADIUS has only been sought after by folks
with large homogeneous fleets (or who's admin IP space is subnetted by brand) and
no concerns about overusing the same secret.

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